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Orangeburg Sod Farm Access Notes

Orangeburg - Super Sod

3086 Five Chop Rd Orangeburg, SC 29115

Phone: 803-531-4443


Tue, Aug 27, 2019

In speaking with the farm manager, he doesn't mind anyone coming to the
farm on weekends. I just thought, I would let you know. I saw your email
and didn't want you to worry. There are dove hunts sometimes around the
farm this time of year. Hopefully, no one finds this offensive.

Martha R. Burleson
Office Manager
Super-Sod Orangeburg
3086 Five Chop Road, Orangeburg, SC 29115

We are happy to have birders come onto the property and see all the different birds we have here. There are some rules we ask that you abide by:
  1. Please check in with the main office. This allows us to alert the farm that they might see an unusual car on the roads back there.
  2. Stay on the roads. We ask that you do not leave the main roads to get a better view. There is a chance you could damage the sod or get stuck in the fields.
  3. We are happy to have you come on the weekends. (Might be better for you as traffic would be greatly reduced) We do ask that you call the main office 803-531-4443 on the Friday before and let us know when you might be coming so we can alert weekend staff that they might see someone outside the norm on the roads.
If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me.

Webb Porter
office main: 803-531-4443
office direct: 803-937-4051